Købstadens metamorfose (Metamorphosis of the Town)

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Købstadens metamorfose (Metamorphosis of the Town)

Skrifter om dansk byhistorie 2 (Writings on Danish Urban History 2)
Jens Toftgaard Jensen and Jeppe Norskov. Edited by Søren Bitsch Christensen
The Danish Centre for Urban History and Aarhus University Press, 2005.



Around 1800 Aarhus was just a small town with 4.000 inhabitants. Hundred years later the number of inhabitants had increased to more than 50.000, and Aarhus had then become the biggest city of West Denmark. The growth created new quarters well beyond the old medieval boundaries where especially a population of workers employed at the expanding industry settled.

The book seeks to describe how this process, which created the modern town, did not happen because of coincidences. PhD fellow Jeppe Norskov and museum curator Jens Toftgaard Jensen argue that the process from an early stage was influenced and controlled by urban planning and by the municipal administration. New methods and approaches are used such as showing the development of the town structure through visualizations on maps.